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  Asset Protection Trusts


Private Asset Trusts (PAT) help you avoid legal fees, excessive taxes, liability of assets, and court costs. You can:
* Create a Superior "Private Will" that supersedes the typical public Will.
* Provide for family care and guardianship
* Protect yourself from the legal and financial ravages of disability
* Provide for pet care and guardianship
* Manage or reduce taxes
* Manage and protect assets before, through, (and after) disability
* Eliminate publicity
* Eliminate attorneys fees, court costs, and months of time in probate
* Eliminate the need for a court appointed guardian
* Minimize family conflicts and disputes with friends
* Minimize support expense
* Minimize medical expense
* Minimize education expense
* Simplify accounting complexity and costs
* Distinguish the hype from professional trust experts


A Private Asset Trust provides further information in advanced areas of privacy, asset protection, trusts, and other related areas. They prove themselves by providing education and outstanding support that will answer ALL of your estate planning and protection questions. They treat you like we all want to be treated. References and thousand of clients have protection provided by TRUE TRUST SERVICES since 1973. There has never been a trust broken or declared illegal by any state or federal court.


It's difficult to get personal privacy. It's even more difficult to get asset privacy, financial privacy, or business privacy. A properly structured plan can install privacy and recapture lost privacy. You will be able to control who knows where you live, what assets you enjoy, where finances are located, and what your finances contain.


Private Asset Trust protection is usually limited to a corporate shield or a protective LLC. That method only provides limited protection and simply divides the risk into two targets instead of one. How do you do it right? We believe that splitting the risk into many private slices diversifies your risk. You can get reduced targeting, separated risk, layers of privacy, and extreme protection. The TRUE TRUST BOOK by E.J. Lashlee will provide the foundation of knowledge to install private asset protection.


There is no sales promotion, offer of investments, or request of credit card information. There is no cost for the booklet (provided at The full True Trust Book is also freely available to MEMBERS. All details, forms, definitions, examples, instructions, and True Trust Book chapters are on the website, as well as available by email. There is absolutely no obligation to read or print portions of the trust book.


The Protection Book explains the concepts of asset protection of what you own from malpractice claims, lawsuits, and divorce. The True Trust Book offers step-by-step guidance in determining which asset-protection strategies and techniques are right for you. You will learn numerous legal and effective methods you can use to:
 Free Trust Book for Privacy and Asset Protection * Protect your personal assets from business and professional claims
* A trust is better than a prenuptial agreement
* Isolate husband and wife assets, taxes, and credit reports separate from each other
* Protect business assets and family assets from divorce
* Effectively keep in-laws (or their heirs) from owning your assets
* Completely disinherit relatives or others from your assets
* Minimize your risk of lawsuits and other claims against your assets
* Secure your retirement, investments, real estate, and stock holdings
* Eliminate unusual types or unexpected attacks against your assets
* Make your home-based business judgment proof
* Privately own cars, boats, investments, real estate, and bank accounts
* Effectively avoid identity theft without additional cost
* Compare offshore companies and international trusts
* Avoid the "Top Ten" common mistakes in estate planning
* Compare Example Trusts, use Checklists, and select from a Library of Forms